"We work for a cause and not for applause and we live to express and not to impress"

The Co-Curricular profile is a self reported document, which lists and describes our Co-Curricular activity, often referred as Extra Curricular activity.

Purpose of Co-Curricular Activities-

"To help students develop personal contacts, with professional staff from student affairs and facility across campus who would be of assistance to them in choosing areas of involvement which will meet personal and career goals etc.

  • To Motivate the Students.
  • To Develop the Leadership qualities.
  • To encourage in Professional and Educational Development.
  • To develop the attitude of "we feeling".
  • To provide community health services.

In our institution C0-Curricular activities are planned and conducted under five categories.

Recreation and Athletics-

Fresher’s celebration day for all the courses, i.e. RANM, RGNM ,& B.Sc. students for the proper familiarization easy orientation, and to identify talents of the students.

Teacher’s day celebrations on September 5th. Teachers are motivated and encouraged to participate in athletics and cultural activities.

  • Voting method was used to identify the best teachers.
  • On the day of teachers day, both the students and teachers participate in cultural activities.

Ganesha Festival, Dashara, Sarasvathi Pooja, Deepavali, Christmas,Cultural festival,Farewell Party/ send off party are celebrated by the SNA with Devotion and Dedication under the support of management.


  • Sports are conducted at both indoor and outdoor.
  • Students are encouraged to participate at prestigious inter-collegiate competition/games.
  • Awards are given for the same.

Honors, awards and travel-

Travel:We take students for educational visits to different places for both fulfillment of curriculum requirement as well as for pleasure.

Leadership and Organization:-

We have a self sufficient, cheering and strength full association that is,

Students Nurses Association.-

Active, enthusiastic & honest students are selected for SNA Bearers.

We have different positions under SNA, as per their position they are assigned to work.

We encourage and motivate the SNA Bearers to take up the responsibilities which help in overall development of leadership qualities.

Performance and presentation:-

As per the needs of the society, students are motivated to prepare:

  • Information guide sheet
  • Charts
  • Flip chart
  • Models
  • Video material, exhibitions.

As per the calendar of events we also plan seminar, group education, and synopsis, panel discussions and students are encouraged to plan and implement these programmes.

Important days of celebrations-

1January 1stNew Year Celebration
2March 8thInternational women’s day
3April 7thWorld Health day
4May 12thInternational Nurses day
5May 31stWorld No Tobacco day
6June 5thWorld Environment day
7July 11thWorld Population day
8September 21stAlzheimer’s Disease day
9October 1stInternational Senior citizen day
10October 10thWorld Mental Health Day
11November 17thNational Epilepsy day
12December 1stWorld AIDS day
13December 3rd International day for Physically Challenge day
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