Facilities available at the college

"The college is situated at the J.S.P.M Latur (India’s) Campus.. One of the main distinct features of this college is Provision of ample of simulation exercises to the students, before exposing them to the actual hospital and community situations. College has state of art Laboratories, Library, Classrooms, Seminar Hall and Counseling room."

The different laboratories of the college are:

Foundations of Nursing:

To provide comprehensive nursing care to the clients admitted in the hospitals, students will be given preliminary training in patient care at the college laboratory, there is a ten bedded Foundation of nursing laboratory where each bed is provided with complete bed unit. There are three technologically advanced manikins, and CPR manikin, teaching and learning aids, simulation equipments for the quality learning of the students.

Community Health Nursing:

India resides in the villages and majority of the people live below the poverty line in rural and urban areas. Keeping this aspect in mind, Students will be trained in providing comprehensive nursing care to this underserved population deprived of the health care facilities both at urban and rural community. This laboratory has advanced models of health care system, simulation equipments, models & charts and family setup to practice family & community health care.


Therapeutic diet plays major role in early recovery of the patients. Student will be a given training in Nutrition and Dietetics during their course of studies. College has state of art nutrition laboratory with all modern amenities for preparing therapeutic diet for the patients.

Computer Lab-

Information technology plays a vital role in planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating health care at the hospital. College has well equipped Computer laboratory with Internet facilities for the students to learn application of computers in health care.

Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry:

It is very important to understand anatomy and physiology of the human being much before understanding the health and diseases in them. College has well-equipped anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry labs with adequate models, specimens, slides and charts.

Audio –Visual Aids Lab

Maharashtra College of Nursing has a well-equipped Audio-Visual Aids department headed by a Senior Faculty member.

The equipments available are:

  • Overhead Projector
  • Automatic Slide Projector
  • Epidiascope
  • Color Televisions
  • Video Cassettes on different topics
  • Articulated human skeleton
  • A set of bones
  • Number of anatomical charts
  • Charts and posters
  • Models of eye,ear,larynx,heart,liver,trunk with organs
  • These AV aids are regularly used by the faculty and also by students during their practice teaching.

    Class Rooms-

    There are well-ventilated classrooms with comfortable seating arrangement with all teaching aids.


    Hostel facility is available only for girls. Students are accommodated in spacious, well-ventilated rooms provided with all the necessary comforts.They have a separate mess managed by the students themselves.

    A full time warden is appointed to look after the general cleanliness of the hostel and to see that the students adhere to the rules and regulations.

    She takes the night attendance at 8.00 p.m. and reports any violations of hostel rules of the Principal for corrective action

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