Messages From Desk

Presidents Desk

Shri. Shivajirao B. Patil
(Founder/Managing Trustee)
(Executive President & Ex. MLA)

"Health is the most important valuable asset and the greatest wealth of mankind. Health of the people is the Natural Wealth of the nation.

For the promotion of creativeness, self-discipline, self-confidence and dynamism. People with good health can enjoy better quality of life and move ahead of others in professional efficiency, progress and development. In third millennium higher education plays major role. The complicated nature of the health and ever increasing problems of various age groups of people in the society are the major factors responsible for bringing about changes in the education system and compelling more emphasis on quality education of the health care professionals.

The true professional nurse must be the one who is comfortable in the field of abstraction, problem solving, accountability, futuristic thinking, computer literate and excellent human relations manager. He / She should be able to address the actual health problems of the people in a holistic manner.

The College of Nursing will provide facilities for higher education like M.Sc. Nursing and Ph.d Nursing. I am confident that the students of this college will be able to integrate the academic excellence with competent Nursing care."

Secretary’s Desk

Smt.Pratibhatai S.Patil(Kavekar)

"Health and illnesses in man are as old as human race. The practice of Medicine and Surgery existed in India ‘knowledge of Life’ However that we have seen the advancement in Health care system with emergence of modern system of medicine.

Today man is at the top of the world with all his inventions and discoveries. He has practically discovered everything like all the gadgets of comfort, machineries for exploring world around him. But in this process of discoveries he has lost his health and peace. Never before the physical, had psychological, social and spiritual problems affected man as they are affecting him today.

However, due to inventions and discoveries the diseases and health problems which were termed as incurable are getting cured with advance treatment regime and best patient care management at institutions and at homes.

The cure and care has always walked hand in hand in human civilization. Keeping these views in mind we have always encouraged J.S.P.M Latur (India’s) to organize various sports and cultural events during the academic year. This helps to bring out talents of the students and ensures proper all round development with the help of cultural & recreational activity. We also have our “student center” at every campus which helps the students in solving individual day to day problems."

With Best wishes.


Dr.Shailesh Kachare
Nursing Co-ordinator

"The Maharashtra College of Nursing (MCON) started under the faculty. Health care industry has grown in India by 15 % in the last decade and it is growing continuously. Nursing professional today have unlimited opportunities in the Government Hospitals, dispensaries, Communities, Laboratories, Research fields, Insurance companies, Corporate Hospitals in India as well as overseas. MCON with its excellent infrastructure, highly qualified faculties modern equipments will harness your potentials and help to become a vital link in health care sector.

Never in the history of health care have nurses had such wide opportunities and improved prospects. Through its pioneering efforts, the Maharashtra College of Nursing aims to create leaders in the nursing profession by providing unique, innovative programmes that are responsive to the market need, keeping in mind the rapid advances in the health care sector in India as well as abroad.

Our aim is to provide a 'value based' and 'value added' nursing training so that our graduates get a firm base for fast track growth in diverse fields of health care.We look forward to a fruitful association with our students."

Principal Desk

Mr.Ningaraj S.G
Nursing Principal

"We at J.S.P.M Latur (India’s) strive to achieve Quality in education while ensuring overall development of the students. We also recognize the importance of providing a supportive and stimulative learning environment using innovative teaching & learning strategies and technological advances.

Nursing occupies the largest bulk of the health care force. Healthcare industry is transforming itself day by day. The professional nurse provides holistic care with compassion, empathy and respect for clients, dignity while educating them to achieve maximum level of health. She also participates in those activities contributing to prevention of illness and promotion of health.Therefore it is necessary to educate nurses in the context of sound educational principles. As a Science, nursing is based on scientific knowledge which is expanding, ever changing and diversifying into specialty areas.

The opportunities for a nurse are varied and limitless. A new professional nurse may choose between clinical practice, education, research, management, administration, occupational and industrial nursing."

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